Mahallah Online Room Registration (MORR) for Session 2018/2019, Semester 1

Today : 22 November 2018 (Thursday)
Please read before login :
Only for students who have history staying in Mahallah for Session 2017/2018 are eligible to do pre-registration. LOC are advised to consult RSD or Mahallah.

The pre-registration exercise is not applicable to postgraduate (PG) students.

* You are highly advisable to use web browser Mozilla Firefox 8.0 and above or Google Chrome as they will support this application.

Student who failure to pre-register, please come back to respective mahallah at the day of mahallah registration.For lost/wrong password, please consult your kuliyyah or AMAD for any registration or non-technical issues.
Please click here to view pre-registration mahallah schedule.

Important Message
For those who pre-registration before 6th August 2018 will be considered INVALID. Therefore you are required to do the Pre-Reg on the date as stated in our earlier notification. Thank you for your understanding.

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